So you wanna see the real world? Hmm….

So i’ve decided to grow up and see the world….

Not the world as in the lovely holidays i try to take every year but the one i live in, the one right outside my front door. Until now i guess i’ve only looked at it from that protective glass they have a the zoo (you know the ones that keep Winston the silver back from smashing your face in while you watch him pick his nose and rampage around) Now im choosing to step out from behind that glass (aka mums fuzzy protective-ness) and try and make it in the big bad world.

Now im not doing anything drastic like moving out…YET. But i am trying to become properly financially proficient. So like when going on any trip there are some things you need to do before you head off. For example;

Have an idea of where you want to go? What you want to do there and how long you plan to be gone. (in cased your wondering…. its ‘happyville, everything and forever ) Then the only sensible thing to do is:

Make a budget.

So my next few post will be about how i do this… budgeting for the safari that is (or will be) my life. My biggest adventure yet!

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