Ok so sorting out what to keep and what to quit was easy. Sticking to it- much more difficult.

Luckily for me, I’m a very minimalist person when it comes to possessions so once I decided to say good bye to ‘chubby’ (my little old Mercedes) I knew the rest would be easier. That said, let the record show I haven’t actually sold it yet but with a bit of luck I will have soon.


So far ive found that if I can visually see the savings im making I find it alot easier to stay strong so today I shall be aquiring a pin board! (or white board… whichever I can ‘borrow’ or buy cheaply) With this I plan to map out what are steady ‘IN’ and ‘out’ payments and cross off the things I’ve cut back on as I’ve purged them from my life.

No going back… I have big plans I NEED to keep to!

I’m beggining to see a big part of being a ‘proper’ adult is shifting focus….. in many ways it totally sucks but I can completely appreciate it’s necessity. Now that I officially feel my age (27… I know I know, just 3 yrs to 30) I guess i better get this 5 year plan thing going…… This should be interedting…….

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