The Wheel of Fortune….they say

They say the wheel of fortune goes round in and out of our favour, for once I feel it might actually be with me for a change!

Flippin’ heck I could dance a bloody Jig! i’m so happy!

For the first time in a looong time I feel like things are going as I planned them and a few other pleasant surprises are happening to complement things. < insert stupidly happy face here>

So on my overall checklist I have so far;

  • Sold the car
  • Got my finances in check (just one more thing to deal with and everything’s peachy)
  • Planned and paid for my 2013 holiday (almost… just give me a day or so…)

which just leaves;

  • New job
  • Move out
  • My secret goal (yeah..I aint tellin’) to achieve between now and the end of 2014. All very achievable I think 🙂


Life feels good….


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