Military Precision….pfffh…

The military aint got nothing on me when it comes to preparation for travel…. especially when that travel situation means me on vacation!

Now my flights, hotel, attraction tickets and airport transfers are sorted that only leaves one thing left to do…. Pack!

Time to pack!

Now for any normal person, packing wouldn’t even be on radar until about a month before travel… ah but you see… I am not a normal person! I am an anxious, excited and over organised person so I have begun my packing NOW.  (Just a mere 13 weeks before my departure)

Yes you read it correctly…. I have started packing. I call this ‘Stage 1’

In the way of the Shoulin Ninja Traveller you must first pass 3 stages…..

Stage one:

  • Identify what you already have that you want to join you on your vacation

(If you’re anything like me, you will have that pair of shorts and that one pair of comfy flip flops you just wouldn’t dream of traveling without)

  • Choose the right bag – Luggage size is really important when packing like a ‘Travel Ninja’ 🙂

If the bags to big you fill it with crapola… too small and YOU WILL FORGET SOMETHING!!!!!

  • Do anything that is going to take time to get done

E.g. renew passports/Visas/ ID cards, get new glasses/ contacts so your comfortable with them. Sort out any pesky payments you have been putting off (for no bloody reason) – Things might I add, I have already done!

  • Swat up on any activities you plan to be doing – I call this the ‘Boy Scout effect’

 The Boy Scout effect- Always be prepared

If your planning on doing anything fancy e.g. scuba diving for example… are you certified to dive? do you need any kind of special training? These are things you may want to get out-of-the-way before you travel. The last thing you want is wasted time on your holiday faffing about with formalities.

  • Lastly and rather importantly… look into and or book babysitting for your pets!

Its easy to get caught up in the excitement but if you moggy or fido is anything like mine. They really don’t like it when you go.  I like to make arrangements with friends/ family to watch my little Isis early so she can get used to them. (which saves me from the spiteful cat-isms when i get home. Pee on my bed or general scratchy-ness for those of you who have no clue what im banging on about)

I’ll let you digest this before I move onto stage two…. Mwahahahahahaha!!!

(Yes I am THAT excited)

2 thoughts on “Military Precision….pfffh…

  1. yaedio says:

    13 weeks??? “any normal person, packing wouldn’t even be on radar until about a month before travel…” How many normal people do you know? Me and mine … OK maybe just its just me, but I don’t start packing until the night before and on a couple of occasions it’s been the morning of!!

    You good …


    • chelby10 says:

      Yea, not beaches every morning in Australia good but it’ll do!

      Packing on the morning of travel is a CRIME!!! And we shall never utter which nonsense again ok?? Lol


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