I survived!!

I did it! I went out and braved the sales and got what I went in for! I am now the proud owner of a bright yellow suitcase 🙂

I tell you though, I almost didn’t make it to the sales ( and no it wasn’t because I almost woossed out again) today my little part of town saw another young man fall victim to a stabbing. As far as I know, he didn’t die but he was taken away by an air ambulance (which is a big deal in London) My prayers go out to that young man tonight.

Well your probably wondering how this affects me…. well in their infinite wisdom the police closed off the surrounding roads while they made their enquiries. Now obviously I know that this is completely reasonable but it did cause me to walk a quarter of a mile in the opposite direction to be able to get the bus to where I needed to be! (See… dedication)

So, here it is….


A beauty I know 😉

And now I hear you ask (figuratively of course, because I’m not crazy)

To pack!

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