Getting so excited I’m begining to twitch!

Yes Yes I know, I’m a sado…. but I really can’t wait until I jet off to the sun and fun capital of the world (well my world anyway!) My calendar tells me there is still 11 weeks until I have a nervous breakdown packing and repacking my suitcase the night before my flight but I’m still twitching with excitement.

Normally, it’s the anticipation of stepping off that plain into the warm blanket of humidity that only Florida can offer that has me bouncing around in my chair but this year, as we in London are currently experiencing a heat wave (29C/ 84F) I find myself a) already tanned and

b) mildly (Ha!) fixated on trying to see the unseen parts of WDW and Orlando that I haven’t already seen on my last 8 visits. Partly I guess because this is probably the last time I’ll do this as ME the single person living life for myself. The next time I head out to the most magical place on earth I intend to have a family of my own in tow….. Which in its self is a pretty magical and fixation worthy idea.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the safari that is my life is probably going to take turn down an untravelled path and like Indiana Jones, I’m going in with a crack of the whip of adventure with my Mr (get your mind out the gutter) into the unknown.

And you know what?…. I think I’m gonna like it….

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