Munchkins and fairydust…

Judging from the title of this post, you probably think I’m beginning to lose my mind….. well I’m not! I just spent most of the day yesterday with my not-so-little Munchkin and 20130730-181419.jpgloved every minute of it. Its one of the things in my life that I truly love and always leaves me feeling like I’ve been hit with a little fairy dust…. (see how I brought it back together there??)

<– This is Mel, A.K.A my munchkin

One thing I am really happy with in the safari that is my life is I have no shortage of little terrors to remind me tIMG_1807[1]hat “it aint’ all bad” in this here world of chaos we live in. There is always another little wide-eyed babe who thinks you are the fountain of all knowledge and power. It really does sooth the soul.

Days like yesterday are priceless. I dragged an 11-year-old around a mall with me for about 3 hours. We had ice cream, we talked about nonsense and I even tried to squash her a few times 😉 (Child activists need not start a new campaign about child cruelty….we were only playing and no children were harmed) In the end we both went home, tired and with a new pair of Crocs (yes they are ugly but who cares?? ) these are mine…… –>

Anyway, that was yesterday… I’m sure there will be plenty more fairy dust out there through the trees (or double-decker buses and train stations…same thing really) as I wonder through this safari….. 🙂

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