Ok, that was a little vague…

Just in cased anyone is slightly confused by yesterdays post here’s a little perspective….


My boyfriend and friend Samiya and I decided to embark on another 30 day photo challenge this month. Every day has a pre determined picture we must seek out and capture. (Which is proving a little more difficult this time round)

Day 4: favourite colour

Day 4: favourite colour

We last did this in June with the cams on our phones…. but this time we wanted to spice it up a little so we are Papping’ it up (excuse my made up words!) with DSLR’s or Digi cams paparazzi style! Which of course makes it more difficult with things like light, focus and aperture to take into account.

Paparazzi style!

Now I should say that in this challenge my darling boyfriend has an unfair advantage in that he is an amateur photographer (well maybe an intermediate photographer) and me and Sam are but simple point and click-ers! But what is life if not a challenge.  So the last post was of my pics from the challenge so far. Days 1-5.

In between my next few post you can expect to see some of my “attempts” at photography!

Happy viewing!

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