The slump at the bottom….

That’s it… I’ve hit it… that slump of depression when you realise that your holiday is STILL just over a month away but the thought of another day at work, heck, getting out of bed is almost unbearable but you JUST. HAVE. TO. DO. IT.

This is where I am now. Hello!

Tired is an understatement. The only thing, I repeat the ONLY thing keeping me going is knowing that in 6 weeks I will be hob knobbing with Floridians and getting a cheeky squeeze with one Monsieur Mouse.  (Oh and getting some quality R&R with the BF)
I am literally dying now. Never have I gone sooo long with out a break away from work and the people I know (And love). I don’t know how I’m going to do this long term when money gets really tight next year when I fly the coop (hopefully)

This business of growing up really isnt fun. Its excting. But not fun.

Ok moan over…. on to better trails of thought! I have decided to get my act together, get the old sewing machine out and start with the christmas crafts! Yes I am aware it is only August….. but any good crafter (and Christmas lunatic like me) knows

if you snooze you loose

Start early and theres no stress and lots of christmas joy 🙂 so expect a few pics of those exploits sooner or later.


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