Hair n’ stuff….

So while I’ve been gone I have also decided to change my hair care regime. Seen as I decided I want to try and grow my hair back down to waist length I knew something thing had to change with the way I currently care for my hair…..

And so starts the mamoth adventure of eating right, using hair friendly products (there are fewer out there than you might think), co washing and getting fit. The latter coincidently sits rather nicely with my holiday count down preparation. (But we’ll save that for another post.)

Now, back to the point…..firstly let me explain about co washing- this ‘co’nditioner washing. Basically 3 weeks of the month you wash your hair only with conditioner (for those who wash hair everyday you might want to do this process weekly rather than monthly. E.g. co wash mon-sat and shampoo on sunday) and on the last week of the month was with a shampoo AND conditioner. This process for natural (ethnic) hair is supposed to recondition hair, lock in moisture and prevent breakage due to dry hair. So far its seems to be working.

To compliment the co washing I will also be cutting down on the heat. Screech, shock and horror I know….. the frizz and bushy alarms are sounding.
It’s actually easier than I initially thought. A few simple changes and some time really do make a difference. So far I’ve tried wrapping, braiding and twisting to avoid the heat and of course utilising my natural wash and go hair.

Well I’m only one month into the new regime and I can honestly say my hair has improved. My bro said “God Chelly! Your hair is shiney like Snoop dog! ” which I took as a good compliment lol

Pics coming soon xx

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