While I was gone….

Well to say it’s been a while would be a understatement. But in the time since my last post a lot has happened.

I didn’t quite sort out all my pics from Orlando, and I didn’t finish my second weeks update of our time in Disney world. (I’ll get to it though)



What I did do was head out to Lisbon Portugal to visit Leandro’s (the other half) family before Christmas. Which was lovely because they didn’t know we were coming!



It was a real demonstration of the Christmas spirit and very heart warming to see how happy they all were to see him. (and me I hope) The language barrier wasn’t as much of an issue this time…. at least now I understand most of what’s said now.

I also baked my “boozie” Christmas cakes for my nearest and dearest and even got a little craft session in with the girls at Mind.

There’s still loads I want to do and people I want to see before the big day (Christmas that is….All you wedding crashers take a seat and put your feet up)

For tonight though I’m just gonna sit here in my festive onsie and reflect on recent events and my goals uncompleted.  Not very festive I know but hey! I’m a work in progress…….

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