Before the end…of 2013 I mean

In a futile attempt to do a little updating before the UK close of 2014 I thought I’d posta few of the better DSLR pics I took in Portugal this December. 

There isn’t many as we were barely there and these are just the pics I managed to sync to my phone on my dodgy wife connection. (Thank goodness for modern day tech) now that I’m without my tablet I must admit I’m finding it “rather annoying” (international readers pls excuse my English-isms) trying to do this stuff. I guess I’m more dependant on these electronic “doodads” than I thought. (Sorry, had to pull it back with a lil USA-ism) 

Anyway, here we go….

These were taken in the Baixa/ Chiado area of Lisbon.  The view through the cage is of a church (the name escapes me now…) but was at the top of the hill connecting to the cities touristic elevator- The Elvador de Santa Justa. A structural design by the same person who designed Paris’ Eiffle tower! (Albeit A LOT less grand) After about 4 visits here I have now finally been to see it.

In the other pics through the cage you can see the Rossio area of the city and on top the his Lisbon Castle – Castelo São Jorge. In one word Beautiful…. in many words, one of my favourite views of the city. There are a few other pics to post but until I can get my hands on a PC they will just have to wait.

As I watch the clock tick on and closer to midnight and the end of yet another year; I wonder how my little safari will twist and turn in the coming year…. I’m planning a few new activities and projects, things I wouldn’t have done in years gone by and im hoping I can squeeze in a few things just for me. A bit of a self discovery I guess. We will see…

If I learnt anything this year, and in the past few years for that matter is that no one is promised tomorrow and that you can’t hold/ judge people by your own standards. We all are who we are. And will be what we will.

Oh well here’s to 2014. Here I come.

Happy new year all. See you on the other side. Xx

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