London moments

Today is a special day for two reasons…. Firstly (and the most important to me) it’s my darling mothers birthday. 

Happy birthday mum!

And secondly today marks day one of 2014’s first tube strike. Ok so I’m sure my international readers are like “so what??” But local readers will know this means lots of frustration, traffic on otherwise blissfully quiet routes and general annoyance from everyone around you.

Take my morning commute for example; it should take me 20 mins on the bus to go 3.5miles but today it already clocking up to the 30+ mark and I’ve only just passed the 2.5mile marker that is my local territorial army barracks. NOT HAPPY. (Although something has to be said for the local TA officers… not too shabby if I do say so)

My own fault I guess for being lazy and not walking or cycling in the first place.



Bit of a misty pic through the bus window. It doesn’t really demonstrate the traffic im experiencing but hey! We all like something to look at right?! 

Tube strike and traffic jams aside. Today will be a good day in the urban jungle I call home. You know why? The sun’s out and that’s a bloody good thing in London!

Happy Wednesday all



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