Just one moment …

When we get here everything seems so big and new and exciting.

Time goes on and we see that we get a little bigger with time and the new things don’t seem so new.

After a little while longer we begin to seem small in this ever growing, ever changing world.

We loose control, we can no longer accept the ‘new things’ new situations for the adventures they are. Good or bad like we did as kids.

We realise that we are not forever. That our big world has somehow become small. Cold.

We watch as things unfold around us, powerless to the whim of fate. Or destiny. I don’t know which.

I sit and think of the why’s?, what if’s? and if only’s? Sit thinking about what else I could have done or could do now but I draw blanks.

So I sit now waiting. Hoping that me just sitting here in some small way…. helps.

Useful. Now that’s one of those things we only really feel when we are big and the world small. Something we have always strived for in some way. Even from the ‘little times’

Now the road has ended and you leave us so quietly I hope it is not with regret, sadness or sorrow.

I hope you just said a silent and knowing farewell and a promise to see us soon. The way we always do.

I hope you know that we will continue on this road as though you are walking beside us. Smiling at the things we do and complaining about the rain.

After all it is just one moment on the clock of this world our time here. Just one small slot we are assigned.

I am happy for my moment with you. However short or long it has been.

For one moment can last a life time.

Maybe the next road will to lead to a bigger world. Where you can again feel small and excited and look for adventures.

Maybe we will share another moment. Another adventure. Another life.

We will miss you. As though you haven’t really left. As though we are just waiting for the next moment.

In Loving Memory of Joao Pedro Andrade

R.I.P irmão. Xx

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