Engagements, babies and crossing the cultural devide….

Not to mention learning the indigenous tongue!

Sorry I’ve been away a while folks, you could say I got a little lost on safari or stuck on the busted side of a rope bridge or something….

That said, its not that I’ve been sat here twiddling my thumbs; much goings on have occurred during my absence. I got engaged (as you already know) 2014-03-11 20.41.16 I or we if you prefer got pregnant (which you didn’t know) and we have sort of began trekking the hazardous Serengeti that is planning the road to our nuptials…

To say I’m looking forward to trying to please two different cultures- and mothers well would be an understatement. (Insert sarcastic face here)

As most couples I’ve spoken to have found, we both have very different ideas for what the day should look like. Which segway’s we nicely to my afore mentioned cultural divide and busted rope bridge.

I’m beginning to think revisiting my initial idea of eloping might be a winner after all…. but let’s not get into all that now.

I want to double back to the fact that after 10 years of ups and down and some truly magical moments we are finally (people have been waiting a long time) expecting our first little dumpling together. It was a long time coming but our little peanut is on his way and we couldn’t be more happier about it.

So it looks like this safari has just gained another passenger…. let’s push on and see what’s around the next bend eh!

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