Winter…. brrrr

So winter has finally come to London!  Not nearly as cold as it could be mind you… no actually frost as yet. I’m not complaining but I never give up hope on a white Christmas. 

This was my view from the bus stop this morning. ..


Haha I wish! No really it was more like this. ..


Not exactly a stunning view but I like the bare tree against the morning sky. It seemed peaceful. After an absolute shambles of nights sleep I needed a little peace.

This is what I look like 6 months into growing my little human by the way…. (let’s call him the pigme for the sake of making my safari more interesting) very compact in there I know and believe it doesn’t stop him kicking the proverbial sh*te out of my ribs, diaphragm and bladder lol. All this is immensely annoying (and wonderful) but I extremely grateful for.

Feeling quite happy actually… and now onto my favourite holiday… Christmas!


Now THIS will be interesting…… Tally ho!

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