You and me…

We sit silently.

Together. Just you and me. He is here too… daddy but he doesn’t know. He’s still sleeping. Snoring actually…

We sit for hours just you and me. Feeling. Knowing. Bonding together.

It’s now 5am but I don’t mind. It’s like our secret.

Sometime you doze off again I think. I can’t really tell. But every now then you move and wriggle and poke me in the ribs and I know your still with me here in the still of the hour.

We’re not the only ones though… The metal beasts outside are already stirring and so is the feline beast indoors. We haven’t got much longer just us. Well we do just not like this.

I wonder if when your here. Really here. We will still sit silently like this? With you wriggling and poking and me just watching and feeling your tiny movements enjoying the moment?

I’ll have to share you then… The other travellers on our safari will want to look at you and hold you and play with you too. I don’t blame them. But we will always have 5am. 

Just you and me.

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