Old habits die hard don’t they…

Here we are again.. 5am. This time the dynamics a little different because unlike before we now stare each other in the eyes but it’s still the same and nicer somehow seeing your little nose and chubby cheeks giving me the same expressions I’m giving you.

It’s taken us a few weeks to find the sweet spot… This 5am us time. But we made it in the end. I knew we would. 

In the dark here with nothing but a night light I play with your pudgy fingers and toes and you play with my heart when you involuntarily flash me that smile with those dimples I love. 💖

I still have no idea where you get those from 🙂

We only have an hour before the sandman takes you again to sleep land or daddy wakes up and wants his turn with you so I cherish this 5am window. I’m tired and nodding off as fast as you are but I fight it. I want every second of it. Our secret hour. You and me. It won’t be long before 5ams are gone forever. I’ll miss it. But I understand.

As 6 am drawers ever nearer I watch as your eyes become heavy and your breath becomes deeper and I know it’s almost over.

Good night my little star. Dream of adventure. Morning is coming and another day to find out what’s in store.



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