Adapt or die

Yes a rather ominous title but nonetheless fitting for current terrain of the safari I call my life.

Without wanting to retell the gory (metaphorically speaking)  scenes I have witnessed of late let’s just say “sh*t happens” and move on.

Vauge I know…but what are you gona do? It’s my blog…sue me!

I sat wondering how to articulate this post but kept coming up short of what I actually wanted to express. What I’m left with is a form of poem or spoken word of sorts. It’s crude and unedited; and completely off the top of my head. He’ll. .. ignore it completely. It probably won’t make sense. Nothing does at the moment.


message to faith and other things

You hold me and build me up only to slowly crumble my foundation. 

You cut me. At first I seem unbreakable; but then I notice the affects of your attacks on my soul.

You chip chip chip away at me. Waiting for me to crack and crumble. Somehow I hold it together. I have to. That’s what I’m meant to do isn’t it?

You sting me with words and watch for tears that don’t come. They won’t you know. Not again. Not now.

Not in a form you know anyway.
Now my tears are words and actions. Like light and dark, different in their own way. Each equally dangerous. 

You don’t even know that I have lost you yet… I’m not sure you will until it’s too late to change me again. Well… change me back to the one I was before.

The yesterday one. That’s not me anymore.
I have adapted to your ever changing role in my life. It’s made me hard. I don’t like it.

I have adapted to the hurt.

I have adapted to the feel of the sting of your silver tongue. The one that burns my very being with each new word.

I have adapted. No. I AM adapting to the fresh pain i feel with each new waking day.

It’s not something I imagine will end. A cycle of never ending change I will learn to live with like I learning to live without you for now.

I supose you did do some good. You made me strong.

But for now I don’t need you. I’ll go it alone.
Like I’ve been doing all along.

Adapt, evolve and find my way back to me tomorrow.

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