Just one of those days… 

We all have them, those days when no matter what you do you cant seem to shake that slight feeling of utter despair… Well that’s me today. 

Last year I lost my gran unexpectedly and today would have been her birthday. Although I have very much made peace with her death; I still found myself feeling really down in the dumps this evening. 

Now I’m not insane. I understand that this is a completely normal emotion for the circumstance. To put it in a way suited for my blog theming:

Sometimes, on safari; people are lost along the way. Never to be seen or heard from again. 

And that’s fine. But with this technological age we now live in, where those oh so cherished home videos are literally only a click away; it now seems that the proverbial ‘band aid’ is also only moments away from ripping away the resolve you worked so hard to build up to make it through and push on down the river. (So to speak) 

I guess this is sort of a non-post really and more of me just venting my current emotions out loud (figuratively…. I’m a bit metaphorical this evening it seems) to lighten the load on my soul.

Thanks for bearing some of my burden… 

Less of the dead and more of the living coming tomorrow. Might even catch a glimpse of some of the indigenous wildlife here on my path. 

Come on adventurers… Chins up and let’s push on to tomorrow. 


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