Woops another blip! 

I’m not very good at this so far this year…. Making regular posts has become a little difficult (due largely to me not planning or being lazy of course) but lots has happened. 

Here’s the run down: 

  • Your safari guide (Moi) turned 30! 
  • The Pygmy (my son) turned 1! 
  • I had a birthday / Mother’s Day double whammy 
  • I went back to work after one whole year at home keeping the Pygmy alive 

Shock horror I know!….

It hasn’t been too bad though, I haven’t curled up into a ball and tried to forget about my existence…..yet. 

Being 30 isn’t that bad either… Besides what feels like the sudden aching bones and undying desire to go to bed super early I’m fine lol (all that stuff is normal right?? I’m not dying and don’t know it am I??!!) 

Turns out a year off work isn’t a big deal. Besides nothing working and me not having a desk everything is pretty much how I left it. Not sure that’s a good thing mind you…. But heh… I’m British and if there’s one thing we Brits do well it’s 

Keep calm and carry on! 

So I am. The safari may take some interesting turns now or it could come to a grinding halt who know. Well just have to wait and see. 

Here’s some pics to keep you going. 

Xx Chells 


me and pygmy on his birthday


gift from the men in my life


me and my twin


4 thoughts on “Woops another blip! 

  1. dkmcl2 says:

    Happy Birthday Chells!! To you and your little pygmy!! Welcome back. Beautiful pics. Don’t let your blog come to a “grinding halt” I know it’s hard to juggle time when you have more than just your time to juggle.Been there, done that. Take care….Dave.. 🙂


  2. Tony "Tone" Vega says:

    Even though I found your blog about a week ago, I really love it. I really enjoy people that blog about their every day life and are not trying to sell something or grow their followers just for the hell of having a lot of followers. Don’t make the same mistake that I have done in the past, I have deleted my blog many, many times, just to come back, because it is my second outlet after my shrink. Just look at your blog as therapy. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • chelby10 says:

      Thanks Tony. It means a lot that anyone even reads it! I really do just right as it comes and if no one reads/likes/follows that’s ok. This is my second blog and I intend to keep it moving even through the ‘dead’ periods. Xx


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