It’s getting harder to leave the Pygmy in the morning and it’s only day 4 back at work. 

One year off on a safari if the home ground (aka at home with baby) and it seems I’ve become quite used to having him underfoot and around my ankles lol 

He’s not bothered of course… Not even a tear when I leave in the morning or a second glance when I get home in the evening. The only way I know he misses me is when I call before I head home he throws an almighty strop down the phone when he realises that the voice he hears (on speaker phone) isn’t actually in the house. Something to feel good about I guess …. Sort of. 

I thought this going back to work thing was meant to get easier?? 

It is nice having lunch dates with him though. It’s like a little pick me up to keep going the rest of the day.

My little Pygmy coffee shot lol 

It’s only Wednesday but roll on the weekend! 


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