Stationary at the camp ground

It seems like all I can manage are false starts at the moment…. I think I’m gona have to switch tactics with this blogging malarkey (yes I just said malarkey and no I’m not the typical cockney woman they stereotype on US tv lol 

It’s all gotten a little stationary at the safari camp…not that it’s anyone’s fault (don’t judge me) It’s just a sort of ‘transistion’ period while I work out where the frack this Safari is heading. That said I’m not exactly sitting around making s’mores and singing my a proverbial campfire. Me, the Pygmy and hubs are all blazing new trails in search of “the path” that leads to the holy grail….

Aka work/life balance

I’m not entirely sure it exists but hey; we keep beating through the bush anyway hoping to stumble across it accidentally. Even if it is only fleeting. 

Pygmy of course is taking it all in his stride as only he can… With a cheeky smile and the somewhat smug knowledge that he is somehow at the centre of everything lol 

Kinda makes me jealous really… Maybe that’s the wrong word…envious. The completely innocent way he sees the urban jungle we live in. Oblivious of the dangers (vacuum cleaners and tall people) the challenges (getting up to use the toilet obviously) and in the same instance he see only the beauty… And the fun. 

The things we all hope for on safari. 

Sure we all secretly want to see the hyena get the wilder-beast but in the real world witnessing HR manage out the prat from customer services (who ironically has no clue about customer service) isn’t actually that interesting. It’s just exhausting. 


And I’m already exhausted! So forgive me while I take advantage of being stationary to rest up a little (it’s my safari so if you don’t like it you can just keep it moving

It’s almost time for the holidays again which means baking and watching bunny related movies with the Pygmy and lots of posts about things and people who inspire me and generally keep me going on this safari I call my life…may even pick up my camera and really give you a show! (But don’t hold me to that…because I suck) 

Ok bags down and feet up people! Take 5…..

3 thoughts on “Stationary at the camp ground

  1. dkmcl2 says:

    You don’t suck! You are venturing into uncharted jungles! Give yourself and Hubs time to adjust to the lack of light in that deepest part of your jungle and you’ll see the tiniest speck of light far,far off in the distance. Today, it seems so far away and unreachable, but trudge on and you’ll soon break through the brambles and be able to soar. And really enjoy these Pygmy years while you can. Kinda wish I had a time machine! ….Dave 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • chelby10 says:

      Awe thanks Dave… It means a lot. It’s all very scary wandering into the unknown but there’s no going back! I’m very thankful for your support. Btw How’s operation ‘quit’ going?

      Liked by 1 person

      • dkmcl2 says:

        Your’re welcome, Chelby. I find your posts very interesting and enjoyable to read. Reminding me of the good old days when our boys were young. And, I’m glad you asked! I was going to post about it later. Today is day 100. Still hangin’ in! Getting easier every day. Thanks for asking…Dave 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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