I told ya so….

Wednesday 23rd March. Dusk. Pygmy Vs wild cat (OK domestic tabby)

Aka The day the cat snapped! 

Turns out the Pygmy isn’t a cat whispering, Masai-style cat wresting Dare devil after all. 

Months of harassing, grabbing, smothering and generally being annoying doesn’t go un noticed. It wasn’t some massive cat attack….more of a “stop it kitten, I’m not in the mood” swipe. Pygmy was fine of course and after the initial OMG she scratched me moment he was rather smug with his Disney band aid (don’t know why I said band aid….I’m no American. It’s a plaster gosh darn it!) 


So with that I patted him on the head and left for work…. 

Ah these safari days eh! 

4 thoughts on “I told ya so….

  1. dkmcl2 says:

    Hi Chelby, Can I link to your blog from one one my posts. Managed to get the logistics straightened out with everyone and we’re all going to see Kinky Boots April 16th. I’ll wait to hear from you before I post. Thanks…Dave. 🙂

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