When blood is spilt…

So here we are… On the wrong side of the Easter holiday. Chocolate and many a roast have been consumed and regrets for indulging are now rife but as ever there’s no going back. I hope it was a good Easter break for all. 

It was a quiet one for us. Pygmys first proper Easter and he (naturally) was oblivious. He didn’t eat any chocolate but very nearly ate his weight in strawberries, which he seems to be slightly addicted to lol – I kinda wish I had a pic now it was adorable. 

I apologise for the rather menacing title to my post… I’m a tad exhausted so feeling rather melodramatic 

The long story short that acommpanies the title is- today Pygmy fell over and split his lip, cried and became confused by the ‘red stuff’ in his mouth, got over it and happily ate a strawberry. 

See, all very dull really. And now you see why I needed a dramatic title! Would you have read this far if I hadn’t?? 

Of course I felt the expected motherly concern initially and quickly transitioned to the ‘ah boys will be boys’ mentality. I think this along with the fact I didn’t sleep well all contributed to an overall crappy feeling morning. 

Something about the night left me unsettled; almost as though I could feel that feeling of electricity before a thunder storm. Even the indigenous species here (aka the cat & Pygmy) had an unsettled night. 

Maybe it’s nothing but I think I’ll tread carefully out on safari tomorrow… Just in case. 

I’m going to bed now so I’ll thank you for keeping first watch tonight… I’ll take over at dawn. 

The urban jungle is a dangerous place when on safari…. 

                    ….if you’re not careful.

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