Hi, I’m Chelby…

Actually I’m not but it is my internet alias for now anyway! 

Lol funny really to be introducing myself this way after so long. 

This is a picture (fairly recent… Early this month I think) of me and Pygmy in this urban jungle we call home. 

And these are the travels of the Star Trek Enterprise…. No wait! Wrong show lol 

(And now you also know I’m a secret nerd and hopeless Star Trek fan- forgive me) 

Today’s post was inspired my my fellow blogger (and WordPress friend) Dave, The retired guy who also posted a “Hi, this is me” post today. 

It got me thinking… Who do we really know anymore? All this social media and virtual realities. 

Do we even know ourselves? 

For me that answer is kinda complicated. I often feel like I know myself really well but it’s not until I put pen to paper –or fingers to keys as it were, that I realise that who we are is really only defined by how others perceive  us and how we perceive ourselves. I of course feel like some cross between Wonder-Woman and Minnie Mouse lol all strong and gooey at the same time (don’t roll your eyes!) I’m allowed to feel that way. It’s my perception. 

Let’s keep it moving adventurers! 

Xx Chelby

5 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Chelby…

  1. dkmcl2 says:

    Hey, great post, Chelby! And pretty coincidental on the Hi it’s me posts from both of us on the same day too! Thanks for the ping back as well. Your posts always make me smile, in this case, giggle a little too!…..Dave… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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