What do you do…

When you find yourself lost in safari?? 

Curl up in a ball?

Scream like a raving mad woman?

Run like crazy and hope you find they way back to where you know? 

I’ll be damned if I know! 

I feel like I’ve been lost for a while now (shhhh! Don’t tell anyone) Wandering off into the bush like I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going. 

The truth is I haven’t got a bloody clue! 

Sorry adventurers… You have been following a blind person through all the perils of the urban jungle. Yep. It’s true. But guess what… You’ve survived. So far! 
This urban jungle I live in feels a bit like a bog at the moment. Something a kin to quick sand and I’m just treading water (or sand… Or whatever it is one does when trying to stay aloft in quick sand) and it’s hard work. And I’m tired. 

For the last few weeks/months I’ve not only felt lost on safari but I’ve also felt lost within myself. Which is a whole lot scarier let me tell you. That feeling of not knowing if you are coming or going, up or down and being in the belly of the beast is almost a spirit breaker. But luckily I have something others do not! 

I have a Pygmy with an unbrakeable spirit! 

I know now why my strong willed little Pygmy was sent to me. To remind me. To be a symbol of the fight within. My little pocket rocket lol my safety flare to signal to home camp I wanna come home. 

Two days ago at something silly like 8pm I lay in the darkness with my Pygmy (desperately trying to get him to sleep) feeling in utter despair that this little man is trusting me to guide him and I can’t even guide myself to something that feels like the normal me l; when he looks me dead in the eye. Sighs a deep breath and strokes my head so gently (I must note that NOTHING about my Pygmy is gentle) then let out a massive cackle and gave me his dummy (pacifier for my USA followers) 

It couldn’t have been clearer unless he spoke the words to me. “Come on mum, it will be ok” or as I would say to him when he’s down in the dumps “but did you die?? 😁 

It’s funny how my little Pygmy without even trying has given me the fight and spirit to pick myself up and send up that flare! Tonight I’m going back to yoga and tomorrow I’m getting off my sorry ‘A’ and going on a search and rescue mission of ME. 

Will you help me adventurers?? I’m gona need all the help I can get!

Xx Chelby 

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