Jungle communication…

Now I’m not talking drums or smoke signals here… No sir; I’m talking social media (and am fully aware of the irony using said media to communicate to you

It seems with every coming day people talk less and less using their vocal chords and more and more with their fingers….and cameras! Now I’m not one to fight progress but even I have to admit I struggle with this one. Twitter, Facebook, snap chat, what’s app, tumblr, Vimeo…(I could go on) where will it end?? 

The urban jungle once awash with the sounds of man (and woman.. #profeminist) is now just a mish-mash of traffic noise, smartphone clicks and camera shutter sounds. And we are ok with this??!! 


Bare with me while I slip into a rant…. 

This past half term (spring break) the “youths” of London that I generally encounter on my daily travels were largely found heads down, eyes transfixed and mouths open (catching flies for sustinence presumably) mindless clicking their smartphones in groups hanging around bus stops and shopping centres. NOT ACTUALLY TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!  What the hell is up with that??! How can you be standing a foot away from your friends and prefer to group text rather than speak! 


I don’t get it… But equally I can’t fight it. But I do promise to keep proper communication alive and will talk twice as much today. To anyone who will listen. Tarzan style if I have to! 

Happy Monday blogosphere! 

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