Strange goings on in the jungle 

Now this is one of those funny things that is only funny in that it’s because of they way I have chosen to theme my blog (which you LOVE of course and yes I am aware I have started this afternoons post by rambling

In a jungle; and on safari there are things we “expect” to see e.g. Lions eating antelope/ office workers ravaging the biscuit tin and so on and things we do not expect e.g. Monkeys saving baby hyena from jaws of crock / humans doing this for no other reason than to help some other human. 

(Ok so maybe that last one we do expect or at least hope for) 

What I am truth referring to are the thousands of amazing human beings who do the encredibly reckless thing of running 26+ miles to raise money to help the lives of other human beings they do not know in the hope that whatever adversity they are experiencing gets better. Ah yes… I’m talking running a marathon! The Virgin London Marathon to be exact! 

I was again lucky enough to be (yeah right, as if I can run that far!) lol I mean witness this amazing event AND bring Pygmy along for the ride!

It was a truly emotional experience this year in that; as always speaking to fellow supporters (of the charity I work for- Mind) and their families you get a real sense of ‘need’ for why their loved ones run the race and why the work we (Mind) do is important (which is always great to know the work you do has a positive impact) but that in his own my my little Pygmy felt the vibe and the love too! Cheering (jibber-jabber) and clapping by the side of the road at all the funny looking people in shorts in the freezing cold bobbing down the road. 

It’s amazing to think that even little people with no precieved understanding of things can also impact and be impacted by acts of kindness like this. 

I’m happy I took him along and I hope it stays with him somehow along his journey on his own safari. 

A great day was had by all and many wonderful people ran their socks off for the greater good and hopeful gain of others. What more could you ask for?! 

I want to say something really profound and insightful to close this post but words evade me so I’ll just say 

Just one random (or not so random) act of kindness can plant a seed and grow a thousand roots. Be the seed. 

Xx C 

5 thoughts on “Strange goings on in the jungle 

  1. dkmcl2 says:

    Wow, Chelby, great you made it to watch and took the youngun’ too! I have a distant relative,(we met on her world cycling adventure) who is from Jersey, now lives in Wales. Her older brother (50-ish) from Jersey, finished the marathon and got his medal. Don’t know how long it took him though…great cause and very big event!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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