Plans, plans….what is a girl to do? 

Now I’ve never really been any good at planning for the future. It’s one of my downfalls really. But one thing I am good at is planning a holiday (even when I have no £££ to book one

Me being the proverbial ‘boy scout’ (girl guide?) I always like to be prepared! 

This year is no different! I have decided that I WILL be taking my little Pygmy to the land of the mouse… Disney World! The fact that it happens to be my favourite place in the world besides my bed is purely coincidental. 😋 

Now now… Before you roll your eyes and scoff at the meet idea of me dragging his little legs around the theme parks you need to understand something. This is a family vacation. And not one we are planning on a whim. We have done this before and have talked extensively about expectations. And have concluded that we expect nothing more than to be together in some nice scenery and eat ice creams and pretzels shaped like Mickey Mouse.  Should tempers Frey or tantrums ensue so be it. 

In truth I’m not worried about being there at all. More so the concept of having a very active toddler on a 8hr flight! 😳 It’s sending cold chills down my spine just thinking about it lol 

We’ve flown before of course and he was a little diamond. But then he wasn’t mobile yet… 

So this should be interesting. 

Well I’m probably getting ahead of myself…. I haven’t booked anything yet. YET. But I will. On this I am certain. 

Expect a random post here or there about my planning adventures (and hopefully later of my travels around Disney with a Pygmy) 

Positive thinking eh!

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