I write because….

At times writing this blog is the only way to keep my sanity.

Because it empties the bogg of quick sand that is my pshyci

Because it reconnects me with ME. 

Because deep down I hope that maybe I’ll connect with someone out there who is on a similar journey and understands the stresses and strains. Even the joys of this strange safari. 

All in one I write both for myself and no one. For everything and nothing at the same time. 

I guess this is why I don’t post everyday. Some days I just don’t feel that my day made a big deal enough impact on this world to comment on. (That said I do feel every day spent with my Pygmy makes a hug difference) 

Everyday I wake up and aspire to make this day count. In truth though; at the moment it’s a big enough effort to just get out of bed and get dressed. 

I write to keep going. 

In the hope that today will be a good one and I’ll be able to write about something inspiring or at the very least interesting. 

(I am aware I may be boring you completely right now. Sorry if I am) 

I struggle with self expression. It might not seem that way to you here in the blogosphere but I do. 

I write to invite others to understand my inner turmoils and at times my abstract joy. Of course there are the obvious joys too. 

It’s tough. This safari I’m on. The modern day jungle we live in is a harsh place to be. With contentment comes happiness. 

So onward this intrepid adventurer goes with fiancè and Pygmy in tow… 

And onwards I write; trying to find my way through the jungle. Through the words. Through to Me. 

small feet can cast lasrge shadows

7 thoughts on “I write because….

  1. TinzRant says:

    I just happened to come across this post, it was a great read. I sometimes struggle with self expression myself which was also part of the reason I started my blog. Will keep an eye out for further post. Check my post out if you get the chance 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3skay says:

    Again, the written world proves how it can open up a whole new world. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for opening a small window into your world. The picture and ending quote were a great touch. Small feet and shadows. I really enjoyed the read.

    Liked by 1 person

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