Things I’ve learned…

So I decided to do one of the WordPress courses I found the other day on ‘Blogging.U‘ and today’s prompt was to write a list based post. It offered serveral list topics including things like: likes, dislikes, things I’m good at etc…. 
All pretty simple and easy but not (in my opinion) something I necessarily want to write about (or read for that matter) 

So I decided to go for ‘things I’ve learned’ and true to form I will base this list around things I’ve learned on the safari I call my life. So here goes….

  1. ALWAYS BE PREPARED. (Ok so maybe I stole this one from the Boy Scouts) It is shockingly true though these words. You just never know what’s going to happen these days. I’d much rather have spent a little time making allowances for a random eventuality than get caught out running for a train because there’s a squirrel on the track! (No it’s never happened before you ask but it could!) 
  2. When in doubt be British. If you’ve ever been here to good old Blighty you’ll know the weather is a fickle mistress and likely to change her mind at a moments notice. I can’t even count the amount of times I’d have been caught out and soaked to the bone with rain and hail if not for my trusty Bumber- shoot! (Umbrella… RME) Traditionally; safari takes place over a mostly dry Savannah…. But oh not not this one. It’s monsoon season ALL season around here! 
  3. Not all people are actual people! Ok so getting a little abstract with this one…. Have you ever walked around a big city? Particularly in rush hour either in the morning or evening when folks are heading home…. If so then you will probably take my meaning. It’s that weird realisation that for a good portion of the day people cease being ‘people’ and become a different entity all together. I call them DRONES.. The walk on auto pilot, look right at you without actually seeing you, they stare mindlessly at kindles and smart phones and appear completely oblivious to their fellow man. Completely unnerving at times really (insert skin crawl here) 
  4. When you set a alarm, you WILL NOT NEED THAT ALARM! This one especially applies to me today. Right now I am sat on a train at ‘oh dear god-o’clock’ in the morning heading to Wales. I set my alarm last night to raise me from the dead at 4:45am and true to form I woke up every hour on the hour since 10pm anticipating my impending wake up call. Thanks internal body clock!  

Excuse the serious face…i was extreamly tired

5. Goats are mean. That is all. (There’s a whole thing behind this but I’ll save that for another day. 

Obviously there are hundreds of things I’ve learnt on the safari I call life. Too numerous to list (I can’t be arsed anyway) but I can say that I’m sure they will all play out eventually along the way. 

As ever thanks for reading blogosphere. 


5 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned…

  1. Jaye says:

    I loved this post!

    #3 is so accurate; whenever I’m out and about, I always see people sucked up in technology instead of focusing on what’s going on around them.

    I can relate to #4 all too well lol. If I have to be up early, I wake up every hour OR I lay in bed unable to sleep until 30 minutes before my alarm goes off. It’s a struggle!

    Liked by 1 person

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