“Giving thanks for abundance is greater than abundance itself ”


This is a perplexing quote for me. The very word has so many interpretations… 

A quick search brought back hundreds of quotes about abundance… what I didn’t expect was the majority of them to be about money. And that somehow doesn’t sit right with Rumi’s quote. Or maybe it does but is just rarely…genuinely seen in the jungle of life. 

I guess in a way I shouldn’t be surprised. The world we live in is largely driven by money.

Do we have it?

How do we get more of it?

Do others have more of it than me?

But it saddens me to think that money is the first thing society thinks of when it comes to abundance. 

Ha! something i could never say…

For me; I think of love, friendship, happiness, enjoyment…. All the things hopeless romantics like to prattle on about. (Yes I am the proverbial hippy…who knew!

To these things, I think of the questions above. Do I have it? How do I get more of it? Do other have more than me? And most importantly; how do I give more of it to others? 

Abundant in cash flow I certainly am not but I do not walk my safari alone- no Sir! 

I am abundant in friendship, love, enjoyment and even happiness. Granted I don’t always feel it in every moment of the day. But all it takes is a little reflection and it’s clear as day. 

image found on Pinterest

The love I receive from my partner and my son. My close family, friends and colleagues; even something as simple as a shared smile on the tube with a stranger or comment/like on this blog (yeah I’m talking about you)  I feel abundant. 

I don’t know. I am open to all good things that are meant for me. If the universe so wishes to send me some funds in abundance then I shall receive happily in turn.  

What does abundance mean to you? Tell me in the comments. 


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