Insight, reflection and opportunity

A photo can speak a thousand words

I don’t know who originally said it but they are most definitely right. 

I thought a lot about which picture I wanted to post today and it was very difficult to choose which one I wanted to talk about. 

In the end I decided on this one 

Me, my siblings and first cousins outside our grans house

The reason I chose it was because of my title of today’s post… 

Not only does it speak a thousand words (to me) but it offers

Insight- I obviously come from a big family (this isn’t even all of us) 

Reflection- This was the first time we were all together since our gran passed away. We live all over London but we always came together at this one spot. From childhood to adulthood. This was the hub. It means so much to us all. More so now that it’s been sold. 

Opportunity- You might be thinking this is an odd notion. But to me it poses the opportunity to have more of these moments. 

The memories this photo brings to me are so strong and emotive I feel compelled to get everyone together. If only for a moment to take a picture, to have a memory of this time to look back on. 

Do pictures speak to you? Post a pic that speaks to you and tag me. I’d love to see the words of your safari. 

Happy Friday adventurers. Xx

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