A quiet corner of the jungle…

Yeah right! There’s no such place…

Even in the peace and tranquility of nature there is a symphony of chaos if you simply stop long enough to notice. 

Today I wanted to talk about ‘where I write’ and it got me thinking. Where do i write? 

Answer: Everywhere

I blog from my phone on the bus when I’m headed to work, from my tablet at home when I’ve put the Pygmy to bed, from my laptop when I’m trying to find a moments peace in the kitchen with a cup of tea. I blog from everywhere and nowhere. But that’s kind of the point isn’t it? A journal, a blog, a collection of memories from any given moment at any given time (thank you modern technology for making this possible) 

I blog when I feel compelled to empty my mind. When I want to document a particular thought or emotion. 

I blog when the inner voices in my mind talk too loudly and want their pride and place on the page. When my safari slows down just enough for me to hear the chaos in the quiet. 

It’s everywhere you know… That chaos. 

 For me today that chaos sounds like washing machine whirling round to metronome that is the clock in my kitchen.. Tick..tick…tick 

A count down to the Pygmy waking up AGAIN with sore gums from teething. 

It’s the sound of the creaky floorboards as I walk round changing the sheets on our bed. The sound of one of our cats putting intently waiting to curl up with me for the night. 

It’s the sound of my other half clicking away on the keyboard in the next room. 

My conscience telling me again “maybe you should do that 20min workout now before you get too tired” and me once again ignoring it completely. 

It’s the sound of me, stepping into the quietest part of my jungle and reaching out to another type of chaos. 


Next time your safari slows down to take on food and water, take a walk… Find some quiet (whatever that may look like for you) and listen for the chaos. Write about it. 

It might surprise you… 

Have a great evening adventurers.

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