There’s a message on the wire….

Sometimes adventurers your wanderlust can take you too far away from home. 

For the context of this post, home = comfort zone. Ok ok so stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing…mostly. But do it for too long and you wear yourself out. 

So here’s a message (or letter… Whatever) to me: 

Come in Chelby. Over.  

Can you hear me?  Over. 

It’s getting dark and (the night is full of terrors… Sorry. If you know you know) you’re running low on supplies. Over. 

I think it’s time to head back and take a break. Over. 

Can you hear me Chelby?? Over and out. 

It’s really easy to get yourself stuck in forward drive and forget to take a step back to reflect and enjoy the fruits of your conquest. 

This is especially true of my exploration party. (My micro family) since the Pygmy joined the troop we have pretty much been on foot non stop and have barely stopped for supplies. For us that’s family time, sports, vacation… In short fun. 

Now to be fair to me and Captain, we have good intentions for this and have on occasion managed a few days here and there but by and large are failing miserably at the moment. 

This is my message to us: 

Take a break. It’s time to head on home. 

my exploration party ❤️

XxX C 

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