Jungle to Jungle

Ok so I went AWOL again… I do that…so sue me!

While I’ve been gone, the Captain (my hubs) broke his leg… and no I didn’t do it to him, the pygmy got some more teeth and I have on several occasions lost the will to carry on and vegged out in front of Netflix when I should have been doing more productive things.

To my defence though I did do something I had been meaning to do for over a year…

I FINALLY got off my sorry A and signed up for guitar lessons again. So far I’ve had one lesson (which went surprisingly well) and have another booked in. Making the time to practice will be interesting to say the least but at least I’m trying.

So on to the title of today’s post.

This weekend (in my jungle…. ) I went to go see a man about another… (I bet you’re getting excited… practically falling off your seat… )

Me and the Captain went to the cinema (yes the first time in what must be months!) and saw Tarzan! and it was Amazballs!! (and now I hate myself for saying amazeballs)

But seriously, it was a really good rendition of the classic. typically there were a few details that had been changes but overall a really good watch. So many powerful scenes which left us both with goose bumps. The CGI was also amazing. The Animals… perfect. Characters to like and hate (Which of course is important in films like this…) Romance but not too much romance etc..

I cant do it justice. Just go and see it.


It wont disappoint.



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