Mt. Everest… Or my version of it.

Everybody has that thing…

You know; that one thing that just feels so hard to do even though it really isn’t. 

For some it eating healthy for others it’s staying fit. For me it’s shifting 10 pounds. The last 10lbs to be specific. 

I’m an active person. I walk, I try to eat well (at work doesn’t count. But to my defence I do exercise some epic will power and limit myself), hell I even climb the stairs 95% of the time. And I work on the 4th floor!  

The stairs at work

I lost all my baby weight by the time Pygmy was 5 months old…. I put some back on by the time he was 9 months old but I’ve mostly lost it all now. Except for this blasted last 10 pounds!!!! 

So I’ve finally given in….

Not to keeping the weight, no no it’s much worse than that! I’ve asked my personal trainer of a partner (The Captain) to train me at home. 

Now don’t go mocking me thinking that this isn’t bad news…. believe me it is. 

The way he smiled when he agreed just told me everything I needed to know (and already new) 

A) I’d loose this incessant 10lbs and 

B) I’d suffer in the process. 

Keep an eye out for me adventurers… If I go AWOL I might have keeled over at the captains bootcamp! 

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