Oh hair oil why hath thau forsaken me?

Ok so i’m being dramatic… Sue me!

My title is actually a little missleading…it isnt actually my trusty hair oil as much as its the other products ive been trying out.

They didnt seem to ‘gel’ well with the coconu oil AND i didnt really like the way they felt on my hair…. they did what they professed to do more or less. (no major complints on that front) but for me; I felt my hair was a little too “crunchy” for comfort.

Needless to say once i’m suffiently through the containers i will be movng on to pastures new. Im not saying they were bad products, just not for me. Well not all of them anyway.

Here’s my review of the ‘Creme of Nature- With Maroccan Argan oil Butterliscious curls’ system.

I also have the leave in conditioner

I had the Curl Hydrating Cream, the Curling Custard and the Leave in conditioner. All used with my standard wash and go routine… The curling cream i think i’ll keep and try again some other time down the road. It didn’t do a bad job at keeping definition and you know when you might get desperate! The rest howver didnt really work for me.

I found the other too products sticky and overly fragrant. (Too fake nature chemically for me…and yes that IS the technical term!) also even though both are meant to hydrate I found both actually dried my hair out after a day or so.

These product were a impulse buy (the result of not being able to find what you want in the shop but too lazy impatient to wait for online delivery) Not very expensive but a system I wont be buying again.

Check out their line for yourself though…. lots of options fot different hair types. View the Creme of Nature full line

Back to the search for me…. just to mix it up a bit (or maybe add to the dama) I decided to try out a new Keratin Shampoo and conditioner…

This should be interesting!

Getting artsy in my old age! lol

XX Chelby

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