Summertime in the jungle

Ok so by a rare stroke of luck we’ve actually had something resembling a summer here in London! (pause for dramatic effect) 31 degrees today in the capital don’t cha know!

summer dress at the ready!

And with British summertime comes the usual run of events in my world…..

  1. I stress about having nothing decent to wear….last years (and the 2 years before) holiday clothes just ain’t gonna cut it.
  2. my hair routine changes – I get lazy about blow drying so I have to step up my wash and go game (failed somewhat miserably btw)
  3. I leave it too late to buy new summer/holiday clothes and panic because I (of course) have a late October holiday coming up
  4. I vow to never again leave it to the last second and shop for summer even if its arctic outside
  5. damn it all to hell and search for a Autumn/Winter jacket and coat.

So did it all go the way it usually does I hear you ask? (I know you didn’t ask but this is my blog and I’m talking) in short…. yes. But I did manage to find a coat! #Winning!

So to summarise, I have nothing, I am living in some form of shopping induced panic at all times, have frizzy hair but HAVE a winter jacket.

Don’t you just LOVE Summertime in London?!!

Updates on Portugal holiday, current hair regime drama, pygmy’s eye-view and Holiday countdown to follow.

I really need to keep on top of this don’t I….

Catch you in a bit adventurers!

X Chelby

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