2016 summer holiday update

So this safari went to Portugal!

Lisbon, Portugal to be exact. It was largely a family visiting holiday with a few days sightseeing.

This is the captains homeland (aka hubs) he’s a born and raised Lisbon-ite. (Yes another made up word. Aren’t you used to this yet??) so going home always brings with it something a little more special than a normal holiday.

He’s gona love thatย I posted THIS pic lol

We did the usual rounds… Dad, sisters, brothers, uncles, nieces and nephews and the most important of all (and his personal favourite) his grandparents. The two sweetest little old people you could ever meet. His Nan reminds me of the wife of the old dude in Disney’s Up. And she’s TINY!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ (I can’t help but love her… She feeds me! Lol)

This trip we did A LOT of driving. Visiting Sintra, Evora and of course Lisbon central. I didn’t get to see the main site I wanted to see (Quinta da Regaleira) because we drove wayyyyy past it going up some god forsaken hill in the mist and rain but saw many other beautiful sites. I’m not too cut up. It just means I get to try again next time.

This was pygmy’s second time in Portugal (we went when he was 4 months old to show him off to the family) but it was is first real time on the beach and he LOVED ย it!

Pygmy at the beach

Running in and out of the water, playing with (and eating) sand and stealing my ice creams were the general order of things ๐Ÿ˜‹ it all brought such a warm feeling to my heart. It’s a shame it had to end.

Here are some of the pictures. You can check out the rest on my ‘vacations’ page


Xx Happy viewing.

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