An open letter to my son

I love you. More than you know. 

Sometimes I look at you in disbelief. You catch me sometimes and just smile, stroke my cheek or just giggle and run off. 

You are my everything. My heartbeat running around outside of my chest. My treasure. My precious 😊

Boba and me ❤️

I wished for you one night in a place filled with love and happiness under a stary sky and fireworks. I knew that this time… On that night I would get my wish. 
The night you came to me I wasn’t ready for you. You were early. Or maybe you were on time and it was really me who was late. Not listening to the vibrations of the world around me. Too preoccupied by the anticipation of you. 

It was a easy and smooth journey. You entered my world without fuss or fanfare but without even trying you changed everything forever. 

The stars shon brightly that clear and warm night. And the sun shon brightly the following morning and my heart overflowed with love for you. As it has everyday since. 

You are my everything. My reason. My purpose. 

My strength and weakness all balled into one little being. 

You are everything I knew you would be and more…

My little adventurer. My Pygmy. My boy. ❤️

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