Monday motivation

I haven’t been blogging very much lately… even less than my normal one or 2 every few months anyway (covers face in shame) 

I don’t blog for money or for likes and comments; I blog simply because I have noise in my head I want to get out. This is not alway (rarely actually) negative noise… it’s positive noise too. 

My world of late has become somewhat of an uncreative one and so I struggle to find suitable outlets for the little things that used to drive me to art, crafts, music, dance and sports. And so I blog. 

Nowadays, motivation to do anything is limited to:

  • Getting out of bed


  • Spending time with my Pygmy 

It’s a sorry state of affairs really. 

So this Monday, spirred on from the overwhelming pride and regret I had from rememberace day I’m going to get motivated to do 1 thing that make me happy and let’s me feel creative. 

Lest we forgot all the men, women and children who lost their lives all those years ago in a war no one wanted so that we could have this day today. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

Let’s do this thing!

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