There I was again

5am this time it was only me awake watching you sleeping. A little crooked smile on your face while you clutch onto my pony tail. Sleepy dust still in your eyes while your still off playing with the sandman in the land of Nod. 

I watch for a long time. Memorising this face before. It’s different and not at the same time. You’ve changed so much this past 19months. But I’m still in love and awe of you. 

I sit watching you sleeping. Wondering how many more 5ams I will get to do this. How many more nights you will want to sleep with me and clutch my pony tails and kiss my nose the way only you do? 

My little squishy boy lol 

I wish I could take a picture in this darkened room. One that would last forever outside of my head so I could look at it always. I wish I could keep you just like this. Warm and cosy and full of wonder and innocence. Safe in the comfort of our 5am moment. 

The sun is beggining to wake with the rest of the world and you will be stirring soon…. so for now I’ll keep this moment in my head and it’s precious feeling in my heart and wait patiently for my kiss on the nose when you wake up. 

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