Edge of the abyss..

She stands looking at the darkness ahead.

The uncertainty is present.

Overwhelmed by the thought of it.

Stepping into the unknown.

She was helped up to this ledge; although now she stands alone.

Feeling abandoned.

She can’t turn back. The way is closed.

She can’t step forward… but she must.

Standing on the edge of the abyss, the darkness looming.

Searching for a light.

Something. Anything that will guide her.

Even now she waits. Hoping.

Even now, her love unwavering.

She was helped up to this ledge. Yet now she waits alone.

– Chelby

I saw the featured image on the internet this morning and it inspired his poem.  (Thanks google)

Monday motivation this week :

Sometimes you just need to react to your surroundings. Don’t over think it. The past has gone and the future hasn’t come yet. Live the moment. 

Happy Monday adventurers

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