Curls and coils, such fickle things…

So this curly hair business is a lot more work that you’d think.

People at work love my natural look and ask if it’s easy to ‘curl your hair like that?’

Well to be honest, yes it is easy to curl my hair like this. It grows out of my head this way after all. What’s not easy is keeping it like this!

I’ve tried some new brands this last couple months and so far I’ve liked all of them.

The black vanilla range from Carols daughter – leave in conditioner, 4in 1 combing creme and styling pudding. (All really good at what they claim to do. Not wild on the smell but that’s just personal preference)

The hibiscus and monoi range from shea moisture – shampoo & conditioner , leave in conditioner, moisture styling milk and hair smoothie. (All amazeballs!)

And lastly (well actually first one i tried)

The Cantu range – curling gel and curl activator.

I think I’ll be keeping some of all of these in the cupboard as they all work better in different weather conditions. At the moment in the cold winter air I’m finding the Carols daughter best so far. It seems to lock in the moisture more and for longer (2days+)

Still struggling to maintain curl pattern for more than one day without frizz. To be fair this is largely due to Pygmy not being able to keep his hands out of my hair at bedtime! (Touch-alicious hair lol)

Anywho, hear are some pics of my hair so far.

Cantu- on a warm day

Carols Daughter leave in with monoi oil only. Cold day

Shea moisture hibiscus stuff. Really cold day. (Day 1)

Me & Pygmy with shea moisture curls – the whole shebang (day 2)

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