Meloncholly Monday

So I woke up this morning at the usual time; 6:30am to find my partner had already left for work (not unusual) and my cat and the Pygmy still snoring quietly beside. (Very unusual)

Normally one of them senses a disturbance in the force and wakes up to steal my moment of peace before the world gets hectic again. I had suddenly found myself with 10 minutes of silence and stillness. You know what I felt? 


Not relief, not peace, not tranquily. Nope. Nada. (Very unusual) 

I found this to be very unsettling. Anyway, I progressed through my normal morning activities and left for work. I’m now sitting on a bus headed to work feeling a lot like the windshield I’m looking through… 

Woke up this morning feeling a little lost in myself, unsure of the direction I'm going. Unhappy. Seems like the universe feels it too.... the way is unclear.

Can sort of see where I am and where I’m going…

A bit foggy, unable to see where I’m going but going nonetheless. 

Today will be interesting. 

Hoping to find some Monday motivation adventurers. Someone send up a flare for me ok. 


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