Happy Valentine’s Day…

No wait…I mean Tuesday. 

To those who know me, you already know my feelings on this particular commercial holiday but for those of you who don’t; here’s my top 10 reasons why I think Valentine’s Day is one of the worst on the calendar. 

  1. Most people do it because they feel they HAVE to. Not because they want to. 
  2. It makes some people feel lonely unnecessarily. 
  3. EVERYTHING is more expensive on Valentine’s Day. 
  4. Giving women chocolate to instigate ‘happy’ time is evil. 
  5. £5 for a single rose 🌹 isn’t good for anyone. (Except the big conglomerate but we don’t like them anyway) 
  6. It’s not a real holiday! 
  7. You should be loved EVERY day. 
  8. Most people are only in love with the idea of love and this day only enables that notion. 
  9. Card shop workers hate you for leaving it to the last minute to succomb to peer pressure. 
  10. Someone dumped this tedd-elephant (yes it’s a word!) on the 13th only to be found like this… this morning. #Brutal 

I could elaborate further but I think I made my point. 

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. 

Happy TUESDAY adventurers. 


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