Always look after #1

One of the toughest lessons I learned last year was ALWAYS. ALWAYS look after number 1. Yourself.  

It’s sad but it’s true. No one (except maybe your parents) will ever really be looking out for you unless it suits their agenda in some way. It doesn’t matter how close you are. If they are your spouse, friend, sibling, whatever. Coz’ when the chips are down all anyone will ever do is look after them self.

Stick with me here

Now you may call me pessimistic or say I’m being incredibly negative. And maybe I am. But I’m speaking from experience.

I have found that as long as you look after your own

  • Mental health / wellbeing
  • Physical health
  • Financial stability

You will be fine. Stable and generally in a good place. As soon as any of these (or god forbid all of them slip at the same time) slip the world will have a funny kind of way of making you feel like chicken little with the sky falling down on you.

On a more positive note; here are my top 10 suggestions to try and keep these 3 elements in the ‘happy’ zone. (not saying I have them all working perfectly myself at the moment but like I said…speaking from experience)

  1. Do not. I repeat. Do not get involved with other peoples drama. its just don’t worth it. No matter how well you mean it will always come back to bite you in the arse. Its not your circus. Not your monkeys. šŸ’ 
  2. Take time to process your own emotions. There is always a lot of pressure on people to ‘get over it’ and ‘pull yourself together’ but that’s not always what’s best for our own mental health. Take time to feel your feelings (yes I did just say ‘feel your feelings’. Don’t hate me)
  3. Its ok to not be ok. Now I’m guilty of this one. I will always say “I’m fine” or “I’m ok” when I’m not. For me its something about being in control, for you it might be something else.
  4. Just do your exercise already. We all know its important and has a massive affect on the way our bodies function but for some lame reason we always put it off. Do you wanna be like those internet sensational grannies and granddads who are ripped and can still bench like they were 21 and look like it or do you wanna be like the 60 something that looks 100 and something who’s bed ridden and cant tie their own shoes in old age? I know which I choose.
  5. Its Time to Talk day! Ok that was the 5th Feb (and yes that was a shameless plug of a campaign from work. shoot me) but seriously. It’s time to talk. To anyone who will listen. the more you talk about things the easier they are to bear. (disclaimer: the point I made in bullet one is also relevant to others about you. Not THEIR circus either)
  6. Racing the old lady at the bus stop to get on the packed bus is not exercise. But walking to work, doing the stairs daily and volunteering to do the biscuit run all help in getting you moving which in turn help both your physical and mental health.
  7. Stretch EVERY-DAMN-DAY. It sounds silly but the average person sits down waaayyy more then the human body for designed for. And we don’t even do it right. Because of this our muscles get all scrunched and bunched creating those aches and pains and old people groans we make when we get up/sit down. Stretching helps to relieve the bunching and scrunching thus preserving our youth! You’re welcome. (Suck it Olay)
  8. For every pound/dollar you spend. SAVE ONE TOO. Now this is one I suck at too… I save a little and spend a lot. (stupid I know… but there you have it) Its not rocket science but its often more difficult to maintain.
  9. Lending money to anyone is ALWAYS a mistake. Yeah people can pay you back but realistically… they probably wont. I wont get into it because you know I’m right so just remember: only give it away if you can afford to never see it again.
  10. Keep on top of your income and expenditure (I swear I am no accountant) don’t be like the ostrich and pretend it isn’t happening. know EXACTLY where every penny is going. know when money is coming in and make sure you pay your bills on time. There is nothing like having the debt monkey on your back. That little bastard is a Jerk!

There you have it. My top 10 tips for a happier life. Keep all this stuff straight for yourself and let the rest of the world look after their own monkeys and you’ll be fine.



Hang on in there adventurers. I’m routing for ya (no really) 


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