Sunday’s in the jungle

Hey Adventurers,

What are you up to today? I don’t know about you but Sunday’s are pretty slow in my part of the jungle.

Huh? Did I doze off again??

The mornings are pretty much written off to domestic necessities like washing and cleaning. The evenings are reserved for hair taming of the indigenous people (AKA the Pygmy and myself)  and the afternoons… well…they are often filled by indecision, napping and take out.

Yep, living the fast life in my part of the jungle….NOT!

I really need to find something to do.

Actually I have lots to do but no drive to actually get of my ass and do them.

Ok yes. I am exaggerating…

Motivation to do stuff for myself has been lacking since Pygmy came to the jungle. Not that I’m blaming him. I just haven’t found my momentum yet. Two years down and mama life is still kicking my butt!

There must be others who feel like me right?

I’ll pick myself up eventually…maybe not today but there’s hope for tomorrow.

Happy Sunday Adventurers!


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